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A French spy film set in London has shot to number two in the French box office.

The film, Espion(s) has also received rave reviews from the press in France for its beautiful shots of London and sexy storyline: Guillaume Canet plays Vincent, a baggage-handler at DOrly who is forced into becoming a spy by the French secret service and MI5 after he witnesses a bomb explosion. His first task is to charm the French wife of an English millionaire.

Its being touted as an art-house, more philosophical version of the Bourne films. Lets hope it makes it way over here.

If you want to get the views of average French people on the film see Allocine. This useful website gives a synopsis of the film, details the star ratings given by big French publications and has users’ film reviews.  

For more high-brow analysis, try Matthieu Tuffreaus cinema Blog at Le Monde. (You can find Allocine‘s homepage in my bookmarks and a link to Matthieu Tuffreau’s blog in my blogroll.)

Or if you just want an overview in English, try this page from The Guardian.

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